Schedule of Events:

Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 12:45 PM - Kids Bible Camp & Adult Bible Study

12:05 PM - Lunch Provided to Everyone

Friday 7:00 PM - Guest Speaker Alex McFarland (of American Family Radio) - "The 21 Toughest Questions your Kids will ask about Christianity." 

Saturday 11:00 AM thru 6:00 PM - The Jenna Bash Festival

Saturday 7:00 PM - Praise & Worship Service

Saturday 7:45 PM - Guest Speaker Alex McFarland - "Becoming an Intentional Disciple of Christ."

***Standard RV sites are $10/night, and Camping sites are Free Monday - Saturday Night. Sunday night is the regular rate. To receive this deal, reservations can only be made through the Rockahock office, or over the phone (804) 966-8362. To cancel a reservation made over the internet will incur a $10.00 cancellation fee.***

ABOUT KIDS CAMP (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-12:45 PM in the Rockahock Amphitheater):

Faith, Family & Fellowship Week is a Rockahock Campground & local community event designed to educated children about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a free event open to all kids from Pre-School to 12th grade. Please bring your kid(s) to the Rockahock Campground Amphitheater at 8:45 AM each morning to sign them in.

Please Register in advance for this event and we will prepare your name tag, craft supplies, snacks & lunch for your family. Click here to download a registration form. Then email the completed form to or hand deliver the completed form to the Rockahock Campground Office Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 AM thru 4:00 PM. 

ABOUT ADULT BIBLE CLASS (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-12:00 PM in the Clubhouse):

"Urgent, Deliberate and Intentional Discipleship – The key to Revival in Christ’s Church."

Study Presentation by Charlie Towler and Ray Williams.

Guest speakers include 4 local pastors, providing biblical teachings of discipleship tools.

Please register for this class so we can prepare your literature, snacks and lunch. Click here to download a registration form. Then email the completed form to or hand deliver the completed form to the Rockahock Campground Office Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 AM thru 4:00 PM. 

ABOUT ALEX MCFARLAND (Friday & Saturday at 7:00 PM in the Rockahock Amphitheater):

Trusted, Truthful, Timely

As a speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics, Alex McFarland has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout the US and abroad. He has preached in over 1,500 different churches throughout North America and internationally, and has been featured at conferences such as The Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Focus On The Family’s Big Dig, Josh McDowell’s True Foundations events, California’s Spirit West Coast, and many more.

He has been interviewed on Fox and Friends (the most widely-watched morning show in the US), the Alan Colmes Show, “The Strategy Room”, Billy Graham’s Decision radio broadcast, by James Dobson (Focus On The Family radio), NPR’s All Things Considered, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint broadcast, CBS, FOX, NBC news, SRN news, the Associated Press (AP) wire service, LA Times, Boston Herald, the BBC, OK- Celebrity News Magazine, Prime Time America, CBN, CSPAN, Bible Broadcast Network, La Vie (France), Christianity Today, Charisma, On Mission, and by numerous other media outlets as well. In a 2009 story, CNN said, “Alex McFarland is an expert on world religions and cults.”  Beginning in 1991, Alex pioneered apologetics conference formats designed to equip teens and adults to defend their faith. Attendees of all ages began to attend Alex’s “Truth For A New Generation” events, eagerly learning from scholars such as Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel, Chuck Colson, and others.

In 2006 Alex was named third president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and College, located in Charlotte, NC.  He served in this role for 5 years, during which time the school saw unprecedented growth under his leadership.  Prior to this, Alex had served as Focus On The Family’s first-ever Director of Teen Apologetics.

In his home state of NC, Alex McFarland was named one of “Forty Leaders Under The Age of Forty,” by the Jaycees.  Alex is the only evangelist known to have preached in all 50 states in only 50 days, through his “Tour Of Truth.” This crusade across America included 64 evangelistic services and became the subject of Alex’s first book.

ABOUT THE JENNA BASH (Saturday at Rockahock Campground):